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Disaster Recovery and Replication

NewCloud Disaster Recovery and Replication

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VIP2018-newCloudNewCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, provides simple, cost-effective cloud-based Disaster Recovery and Replication services that work to keep your business online. In the event of a disaster, securing and protecting IT resources, ensuring high availability, and having a plan to return to operations are priorities for forward-thinking enterprise IT leaders today. To mitigate risks when disasters happen, tech executives need straight-forward, easy to test, reliable services.

NewCloud DRaaS, Powered by Veeam, provides advanced, image-based VM replication and streamlined disaster recovery for both VMware and Microsoft Hypervisors — ensuring the Availability of your mission-critical applications. Replicate VMs on-site for high-availability or offsite for disaster recovery. Get replicas off-site to a NewCloud data center and avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery site.

The primary drivers for moving from a data-center-bound disaster recovery strategy to the cloud include far less overhead compared to maintenance-intensive secondary sites, and the flexibility of using operational budget rather than a large upfront capital expenditure to implement or expand a protection plan. That’s why NewCloud Networks has worked to make Disaster Recovery easy. NewCloud DRaaS is a complete, redundant availability solution that integrates Disaster Recovery powered by VMware and Replication powered by Veeam Cloud Connect with your existing environment to ensure maximum up-time.

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NewCloud Disaster Recovery Benefits

  • Ease of deployment
  • Rapid recovery
  • Secure data transfer and storage
  • Control costs associated with DR
  • Flexibility for data recall
  • Custom RTOs/RPOs

NewCloud Disaster Recovery Features

  • Warm standby capacity
  • Failover, failover test, and failback per VM
  • RPO: Tenant choice, from 15 min to 24 hours
  • RTO: Time it takes for the VM to power on
  • Choice to have initial seeding by shipping disk
  • Up to 24 previous restore points
  • Tenant UI integrated in vCenter™
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Rapid installation in NewCloud data centers
  • Self-service VM migration

Disaster Recovery Use Cases

  • Prepare/Test/Execute Corporate DR Plan
  • Recover Entire Data Centers/VMware Environments
  • Satisfy Compliance Regulation for Data Recovery
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Extension of IT Team
  • Budget-Sensitive DR Buyer

Disasters Wait for No One

The cornerstone of the NewCloud value proposition is reliability. Our platform is built on the best data center foundations in the world and features high availability architecture throughout.

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